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Beautiful sin. ♡

Dyckman NYC


I’m just trying to go to NY for a week so I can see some fine Dominican women at the La Marina & Dyckman this summer


It should be a sin to eat this good.

Street art on Audubon Ave and West 174th Street in Washington Heights, upper Manhattan.

191 St Tunnel, Washington Heights, NYC

"As I look back now on those days, I realized that what had begun, as a visceral response to the killing of Jose “Kiko” Garcia was really the culmination of the utter madness that Crack had wreaked on our neighborhood. Crack changed everything, Washington Heights went from a poor but mostly peaceful place to an outright war zone almost overnight. The lawlessness and outright thuggery had turned Washington Heights into the East Coast’s most active drug market in the late 80′s and early 90′s. The money that flowed into the neighborhood corrupted everything it touched."

Photo: Ricky Flores

"Lemme whisper some fly shit in ya ear" - Max B